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Debby Thomson through Bushveld Connections has been involved in fim shoot productions since 2004 and during this time has worked on a wide range of documentaries.  Some of the highlights have been David Attenboroughs, life in Cold Blood and Life in the Undergrowth, Steve Backshall from Really Wild Show days to Deadly 60, Supergiants and ITV’s Fierce, Tom Hardy’s Rhino Wars, Simon Reeve  and Indian Ocean, Prof Iain Stewart’s How to Grow Planet and Hugh Fearnley Whittingstalls review of the Trade/ No Trade Debate leading up to CITES 2016

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Bushveld Connections has been involved and facilitated the following recent productions:

Trade or No Trade - Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstal

(June 2016)

KEO Films - UK

Contacts:   Jacky Sloane, Tom Beard

Fierce - Steve Backshall  

(March  2016)

ITV - UK  

Contacts:  Charlie Bingham; Oliver Clague; Johnny Gray

African Safari

(Oct 2015)

Topeka Zoo (interactive zoo feature) - USA

Contacts:  Heidi Sulcas

Story of Cats

(Sept 2015)

Plimsol Productions - UK

Contacts:  Anwar Mamon

Feeln Productions- Wonder Women (Black Mamba’s)  USA

(Sept 2015)


Contacts:  Christina Malevenda

Meter TV (Sweden) - Lions & Elephants

(Sept 2015)

Contacts:  Elin Falck  

Pursuing Giraffe

(Aug 2015)

Free Spirit Films

Contacts:  Alison Reid  

BBC/Sega Orbi - Penguins

(June 2015)

BBC Earth

Contacts:  Simon Baxter; Jo Haley  

BBC Miracle Survivors

(June 2015)


Contacts:  Cherique Pohl

BBC Oceans

(June 2015)


Contacts:  Jonathan Smith  

BBC Our World - Rhino Wars

(Feb 2015)

BBC London

Contacts:  John Thynne

Operasie Koekoek

(November 2014)

TV Bastards (Belgium)

Contacts:  Pieter van Damme

Iain Againn Fhein

(March 2014)

BBC Scotland

Contacts: Donald Macleod (producer/director)

Bush Larder

(Jan-Feb 2014)

Quite Bright Films

Contact:  Sarah Andersen

Mandela’s Funeral and previous 10 days - Channel 5 - ITN News

(December 2013)


Contacts:  Peter Lane

Survival - BBC Landmark Series

(October 2013)


Contacts:  Matthew Wright

Paul O’Grady’s Orphaned Animals - ITV

(September 2013)

Shiver TV (for ITV)

Contacts:  Gaetan Morgue, Ian Homans

Steve Backshall’s Supergiants- BBC Natural History Unit

(May 2013)


Contacts:  Steve Backshall, Matthew Wright

Tom Hardy’s Poaching Wars - Burning Bright Productions

(January 2013)

Burning Bright Productions

Contacts:  Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent, Ewen Thomson

Naomi’s Nightmares of Nature - Naomi Wilkinson adventure/ NHU series

(August 2012)


Contacts:  Naomi Wilkinson, Donna Ball, Kirsten Davidson

Deadly 60 (series III) - Steve Backshall adventure/ NHU series

(August 2011)


Contacts:  Lizzie Sutton, Steve Backshall, Kate Horvath

Young , Bad and Barking Mad - Working Dogs Series

(June 2011)


Contacts:   Lizzie Wooton, Molly Gilbert

Green Planet - Prof Iain Stewart series

(June 2011)

BBC - Scotland

Contacts: Prof Iain Stewart, Emma Oastler, Nick Jordan

Indian Ocean - Simon Reeve travel series (to be broadcast in 2012)

(Oct-Nov 2010)

BBC - Current Affairs

Contacts:  Andrew Carter, Simon Reeve, Eric McFarland

Five News World Cup 2010 Coverage  (June-July 2010)

Channel 5/ Sky News - London

Contacts:  Emma Slikfin, Simon Vigar

Deadly 60 Series II  (Oct 2009 - Nov 2009)

CBBC TV Series - (NHU)


Contacts: James Brickell, Giles Badger, Steve Backshall

Elephant Interactions  (Aug 2009 - Sept 2009)

Chicago Museum Video Piece- (Angle Park Productions - Chicago)

Angle Park, Film & Video

Contacts: :Liz Sung

Inside the Perfect Predator  (July 2009 - Aug 2009)

Natural History Documentary - (NHU)


Contacts: Mark Brownlow & Susie Painter

Wildest Dreams (Sept 2008 - March 2009)

Reality Show - (NHU & Entertainment)


Contacts: James Honeyborne, Stephen Moss & Colin Jackson

Deadly 60    ( March 2008)

Kids Natural History Documentary


Contact: James Brickell, Rosie Gloyns & Steve Backshall

Life in Cold Blood   (Oct 2007)

David Attenborough Natural History Series


Contacts: James Brickell

Really Wild Show (July 2006)

Kids Natural History Show


Contacts: Steve Backshall

Life in the Undergrowth (Jan 2006)

David Attenborough Natural History Series


Contacts: Stephen Dunleavy, Lea Aldridge

Criminal Nature (September (2005)

Natural History Documentary


Contact: Lizzie Bewick

African's Greatest Thief  (October 2004)

Natural History Documentary


Contacts:  James Brickell