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Communications is very important in the development of a new organisation, non-profit organisation or a new project but often is not taken into consideration as a primary requirement  Debby has assisted a number of new organisations in the development of Corporate image documents, as well as Communication Strategies and on-line/ electronic communications processes.  This also includes training of staff to contribute regularly to communications  

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Corporate identity documents

The development of Corporate Identity Documents is an important first step in the development of a new organisation, project or business .

Social media  

No business can survive without social media presence these days, however few people truly understand how to maximize social media trends. .

Website Development

As part of the communications portofolio, Debby is responsible for the development and management of a number of  different websites.

Websites are a fundamental aspect for any business or organisation’s corporate image or communication strategy and should be one of the first developments within the marketing plan.   Debby and Bushveld Connections have assisted a large number of non-profit and community organisations as well as new and establishing businesses in setting up a web presence through the development of a professional website.

Websites are developed using an independant design programme (as opposed to a pre-developed online platform).  This ensures a full range of design options and flexibility and offers a wide range of add-on features that can be included in a website.  These include:


Newsletters are a handy tool to keep clients, donors, partners and interested parties up to date with developments of the project or orgnisation

 Debby will assist you in developing a regular newsletter and database management that complies to all national communication acts and regulations and helps you maximize your communications with your clients and business partners.

RATES:  Please contact us for personalised quote depending on your individual needs